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What Are Past Clients Saying About Our Law Firm?

Very organized and friendly services.

W.H, Shawano, WI

I can't think of any areas that need improvement. The service you provided was outstanding. Paralegal, Shannon M Fabry's service was very professional.

B.R. Green Bay, WI

They are fantastic. This is the absolute best. They are all wonderful people.

K.H, Appleton, WI

Could tell Curtis knew what he was doing. Shannon was very thorough and organized. Staff was very helpful in answering questions and replaying messages.

M.O, Oconto, WI

“Very professional! Shannon returned my calls promptly and explained my questions in a way I could understand. My only suggestion… keep up the good work!”

S.A., Clintonville, WI

“(This firm is) very helpful and friendly. Everyone we met was helpful and they always got back to us in a timely manner. We’re now able to consider getting a loan to purchase our house!”

C.D., Shawano, WI

“Czachor, Polack and Borchardt stripped my second mortgage away and now everything is under control.”

T.G., DePere, WI

“This firm is very professional, courteous and empathetic. I felt very well-represented and that Curt was in my corner. Shannon is also a great asset! She’s very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond. I fully expected to file Chapter 13, but through their expertise it was determined that I qualified for Chapter 7 which has allowed me to get back on my feet after my divorce. Keep doing what you’re doing!! I will recommend you to my friends!”

S.W., Green Bay, WI

“Thank you for helping us keep our dignity!”

J.S., Greenleaf, WI

“I needed help and I got it. Thank you!”

D.R.G., DePere, WI

“This law firm has my/our vote. Got the job done. Made us feel respected going through a difficult time. Mr. Czachor was very direct, efficient and informative. Shannon was very helpful, supportive and professional.”

T.S., Peshtigo, WI

“A kind and caring person is how he comes across. Made us feel at ease. He is professional, yet someone you feel comfortable with. They were very respectful & friendly. Made going through this horrible time less stressful.”

A. & D. W., Gillett, WI

“Curt Czachor has a very calming demeanor that causes one to trust his competence and intelligence. It would be hard to improve on such good service.”

D.W., Neenah, WI

“A big relief. I don’t have to worry if someone is going to garnish my wage.”

C.F., Appleton, WI

“Your office made a very unhappy and uncomfortable situation less painful. Bankruptcy is allowing us a fresh start.”

M.H., Oconto Falls, WI

“I am able to plan clearly for my family’s future again. The sun seems a lot brighter on sunny days.”

K.K., De Pere, WI

“Curt Czachor is a very good attorney. He made us feel at ease with our tough decision after years of stress.”

K.B., Green Bay, WI

“Czachor, Polack + Borchardt could not have been any better. Everyone was very nice. It was the hardest thing I ever done. I am super relieved.”

V.E., Green Bay, WI

“I can breathe again.”

E.R., Green Bay, WI

“Everyone at Czachor, Polack + Borchardt was efficient and kind. We are getting back on our feet.”

D.R., Crivitz, WI

“I didn’t see a future. Now I have one.”

B.V, Appleton, WI

“Your secretary and staff are fabulous. They treated me like a human being. It felt like a ton of bricks lifted off my chest. It was sadly, the best thing I did. I feel like I started a new life.”

P.T., Oconto Falls, WI

“Attorney Czachor was very good. I would recommend him to anyone. I feel I can start my life over again.”

L.T., Seymour, WI

“I think that Czachor, Polack + Borchardt law firm is just great. Attorney Curtis R. Czachor is great. We are glad we came here. I think that the staff was friendly and did their jobs great.”

N.S., Pembine, WI

“We were greatly satisfied with services. We were really struggling and now we are back on our feet.”

A.L., Green Bay, WI

“Czachor, Polack + Borchardt was very professional and business like. I felt comfortable discussing such a personal issue with them. A heavy burden was lifted off our shoulder.”

T.R., Oconto, WI

“Bankruptcy gave me my life back. It is still hard, but I am starting to get there.”

J.F., Green Bay, WI

“I was able to live again.”

E.C., Green Bay, WI

“Bankruptcy relief cleared me to start my life all over again. A lot less stress.”

P.R., Green Bay, WI

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent services you, and your team member provided, because of your calm and informative style I was able to handle this situation very well. I am very happy to report that I am using all the tools I was given in the educational part of the bankruptcy proceedings.”

S.A., Green Bay, WI

“Curt Czachor explained everything very clearly. Court was easy. Everyone at Czachor, Polack + Borchardt was extremely friendly.”

L. B., Green Bay, WI

“We were very pleased with the services we had. Curt was very pleasant to work with and explained everything very well. Shannon was always there to answer any questions we had and got back to us right away if we left a message.”

R. C., Green Bay, WI

“The staff was very friendly and easy to work with.”

L. M., Green Bay, WI

“I couldn’t have had better service. Everything went smooth with no problems.”

C.B., Hayward, WI

“Thank you for your excellent service provided. I would use your firm again without a doubt. I felt I chose the best firm.”

J.B., Appleton, WI

“Awesome Service. I was embarrassed, thanks to Curt and Shannon, I felt better. Relieved.”

J.V., DePere, WI

“Mr. Czachor is very nice and professional, answered all of our questions. I wish we had heard of your firm sooner.”

S. O., Green Bay, WI.

“Curt and his staff showed us respect, never judging us and seemed to understand what we were going through. Very professional, always returning our phone calls, answering questions and fixing any problems.”

D. H., Crivitz, WI

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