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Special Needs Trusts in Green Bay, WI

At Czachor, Polack + Borchardt, L.L.P., we understand the unique challenges and planning required for families with special needs. We facilitate special needs trusts in Green Bay, WI, Shawano, Oconto, and surrounding areas. Our services ensure long-term care and financial security for loved ones. If your child has a disability, their trust will provide additional funds and benefits, allowing them to receive government assistance. We’ll guide and advocate for your child and family toward a secure financial future.

Woman with disabled child

What is Special Needs Estate Planning?

A special needs estate or trust is a legal arrangement and fiduciary relationship that sets aside funds for the benefit of an individual with disabilities. The types include:

  • Third-Party Special Needs Trusts: These are set up by family members for the benefit of a person with disabilities and funded with assets that never belonged to the beneficiary.
  • First-Party Special Needs Trusts: Funded with the beneficiary’s assets to maintain eligibility for government assistance.
  • Pooled Trusts: Managed by non-profit organizations, these trusts allow beneficiaries to gather their resources for investment while maintaining their accounts.
man with disabled child

The Benefits of a Special Needs Trust

Special needs trusts offer families peace of mind and exceptional legal and financial benefits, including the following:

  • Protection of Eligibility for Government Assistance: The trust’s assets are not counted when determining eligibility for essential services and support.
  • Choice of Trustee: You select a trusted individual or organization to manage the trust and advocate for the beneficiary’s needs.

Protect Your Family With Us Today

Establishing a special needs trust with Czachor, Polack + Borchardt, L.L.P. means entrusting your family’s future to caring, knowledgeable, and experienced hands. Our professional team is ready to guide you through the process with a personalized approach, ensuring your loved one’s needs are met now and in the future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll learn about and discuss your specific needs and provide you with a legal solution to protect the people who matter most.

Personal Attention + Proven Results