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Charitable Trust Planning in Green Bay, WI

At Czachor, Polack + Borchardt, L.L.P., serving Green Bay, WI, Shawano, Oconto, and surrounding areas, we provide comprehensive legal services tailored to fulfill your charitable goals and secure advantages for you and your beneficiaries. Our experienced team specializes in assisting philanthropists and non-profit entities in navigating the intricate process of establishing and managing charitable trusts to ensure endeavors are fulfilled. With a deep commitment to ethical practices and a focus on community impact, our team is here to support you every step of the way in achieving your charitable objectives.

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Help Others With a Charitable Trust

Charitable trusts are a powerful way to combine altruism with sound financial planning. By establishing a charitable trust, individuals can create a lasting impact while benefiting from tax advantages. Donors can donate various assets, such as cash, securities, or real estate, tailored to support causes they are passionate about. This structured approach ensures that philanthropic goals are met, allowing donors to leave a meaningful legacy that reflects their values and ideals.

What are the Types of Charitable Trusts?

We understand the importance of aligning your values with your giving strategy, and we work closely with you to create a personalized plan that reflects your philanthropic vision. We consult, guide, and help clients establish the following two types of charitable trusts:

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRATs): Provides income to donors or beneficiaries while committing later to charitable organizations.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts (CLATs): Front-loads charity with donations while preserving the remaining assets for heirs.
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The Prime Advantages of Charitable Trusts

Here are the benefits charitable trusts can provide for your beneficiaries and yourself:

  • Estate Tax Reduction: Charitable trusts reduce estate taxes by transferring assets to chosen charities, potentially lowering the taxable value and benefiting donors and charities.
  • Long-Term Impact: Setting up a charitable trust allows individuals to impact society by supporting causes they care about and ensuring donations are effectively used for charity.
  • Generating Income: Charitable trusts like charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) provide income to donors or beneficiaries before transferring assets to charity, combining financial benefits with charitable giving.

Begin Improving Lives With Us Today

When you’re ready to create a lasting impact, Czachor, Polack + Borchardt, L.L.P. is here to help. We promise dedicated service to ensure your charitable trust reflects your intentions and benefits all involved. Connect with us—your local Green Bay law experts—and secure a charitable legacy that truly represents your spirit of giving. We’ll help you establish the right trust for achieving your goals, benefitting you financially, and having an immeasurable impact on the lives you want to improve.

Personal Attention + Proven Results