Post-Divorce Modifications

Often, people's living conditions and financial situations change after a divorce.

Almost any part of a divorce decree can be modified if the financial or living conditions of one of the parties changes significantly. The most common reasons for seeking post-divorce modifications are related to the loss of a job, requests for changes in child custody or child support, parental relocations, and altered living conditions of one of the parents, including co-habitation or remarriage.

When modifying divorce agreements, the overriding concern of the courts is the best interests of the child.

While many divorce modifications are related to custodial or support issues of children, in some cases maintenance provisions property agreements and debt distribution can also be altered.

If an attorney shows the court that a "substantial and continuing change in circumstances" has affected the children since the court order was set, and that a modification of custody or modification of visitation is in the best interests of the children, the court will agree to a change.

If a child is in danger the court will consider the matter immediately. You must seek legal advice at the first opportunity.

If a parent has failed to comply with a custody order, a request for modification of custody and child placement can be filed right away.

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